Monday, December 27, 2010

Update on Vertical Garden

 Watching a You Tube clip has made us realise that we could be using vertical space in the garden much better. So when the last clump of Bok Choy was harvested today we topped up that section of the bed, then built a frame using salvaged materials. Once made we planted some Basella Malabar Spinach Green. a climbing spinach which has been recommended to us.

And here is our new vertical space. 

A few of the Spinach seeds have popped up and so has this Rockmelon vine, they will both be able to use this frame. What we had not expected is the number of small birds who perch on the wire, before darting like flying acrobats through the garden catch bugs.

So we decided to help them out a little bit more and placed an unused stand and saucer nearby for them to drink from, it is a pleasure to watch them.

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