Sunday, September 1, 2013

Flowers and Food

  This is actually the inside of a glorious tulip, I purchase a pot of them at the Grower's Green market recently. Every time I walk past them and see them they make me smile.

 This was one of the vegetable that we purchased as a seedling from the Heritage Farm stall at the market, it is the new garden, the one that we have half filled with cardboard, ash, coffee grounds and manure and mulch.

There was a time when I considered getting rid of these daisies as they can be invasive and we cannot eat them. But I now realize how important the bees and insects are and am moving towards a more edible cottage garden model and these now fit in just fine, Like the rampant nasturtiums we have currently I am just chopping and dropping where they go too far!

 This year we chopped back the Mulberry Tree much harder and have been rewarded with branches loaded with fruit.

 Another set of seedlings from the markets were cauliflowers, which are all doing really well and thriving on the neglect I provide, and the rain and sun from Mother Nature. And below is the Celeriac that we purchased on the same day, it has been really successful as well.

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