Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Growing Now

 This is the first time that this tree has had so many figs, they are a Brown Turkey Fig, but like the rest they get eaten very quickly.

This is the first time that we have grown broccolini and broccoli successfully and we are crediting that to the use of wood chips we have now layered across the grass and beds in the 'Back to Eden' garden method.

 The raspberry bush has flourished this year, as I cut the canes back much more severely, canes clearly benefit from cutting back.

 The blackberries are nowhere near as successful as I did not get around to cutting back the old canes, my guess is that this has reduced our harvest by about 75% so it looks like we will not be having a fresh blackberry trifle for xmas this year...

 We were so proud of this peacharine, it was a beauty to behold, until the parrots demolished it. Had to breathe hard and remember the Permaculture Principles of sharing.....

There are now more than a dozen flowers on the globe artichoke so now we have provided housing for hundreds of ladybirds, hope they move in soon.


 We have finally finished the next stage of the front no- dig garden. Once again we have used recycled timber, shredded paper, old leaves, card board, newspaper and clippings to make the bed. This time we have placed several inches of wood chips on straight away and planted into that thyme, capsicum, strawberries and eggplants. We have had extremely hot weather but by using the wood chips the soil has stayed cooler and the plants have not struggled like they would gave otherwise.

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