Saturday, December 28, 2013

Garden Update

 Here is the latest photo of the new front garden, as you can see the kale and oregano are growing very successfully, hidden from view are lettuces, cucumbers, melons, strawberries, corn and capsicum.
 We now have four grapevines as they do well here, this is part of the oldest vine which was initially planted to provide food and shade, both of which it is doing very well.
 Below you can see another grape vine, plus a recently planted plumcot and transplanted lemongrass.

 This is an extension of the original grape vine, we have placed wire out to a post over quite a hot paved area, the grapes seem to love it and every bit of shade helps. There are some excellent reasons to use as much vertical space as possible, privacy, shade and extra food production all being benefits.

 Another view of the newest garden out the front, the wood chips are doing a fantastic job of holding moisture and deterring slugs and snails. Another grape vine that is twining along wire is on the right hand side and the mulberry tree is providing shade and shelter.
 We are now using the trunk of a dead palm tree and some recycled wire to get the latest passionfruit to create a privacy screen/food in the back corner of our garden. It has doubled in size in two weeks so we are very happy about that.
 We have had to pull out the Jujube as the rootstock took over, so now we have planted a Plumcot and intend to espalier it along the fence.

 The weeping mulberry that we have planted in the back garden is growing extremely well, it is a beautiful tree too.

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