Saturday, March 28, 2015

Reptile Friendly Gardening

This morning I was surprised to see this Western Bearded Dragon (Pogona minor) leap off a bush onto the ground and snap up a large beetle in one mouthful. We see all sorts of lizards and skinks but I had never seen one leap from such a height! Luckily for me he was content then and let me  take his photo.

I then decided to do some research and discovered how well they are able to camouflage themselves and  how their colour can also reflect their mood. This one is sunning itself on a plant, another popular pastime.


 Part of our aim is to use permaculture principles which includes care of the earth and we use no sprays or chemicals which contributes to the range of wildlife that we have in the garden. Also helpful is leaving mulch down and not being too tidy, as well as growing ground-covers and having places for reptiles to bask and hide. The Perth Zoo have a short, but useful guide on creating reptile friendly gardens which you can access here.

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