Sunday, August 16, 2015

Bananas, Herb Spirals and Sheet Mulching

We removed one of the original fridges that we had used as a no-dig garden from the beginning as it was too rusty. We then decided that we would transplant the two banana plants which were struggling to grow beside the pool and put them in this space. This puts them back near the original banana plant and as we now know that they like to grow in clumps, close together, we hope that this will see them flourish. As well we have learnt now that they need a lot of food so we used compost, wood ash, chicken manure.potash and pea straw when we planted them and watered them thoroughly. We found some really useful articles online and you can read them herehere and here.

When we removed the old fridge I was then able to lift up the pavers beneath it and start a second herb spiral. Whilst doing this I was very pleased to be able to harvest another 4 kilos of sweet potatoes.This will need to be completed more slowly than the first one as I am not on holidays, but I hope to get it built in the next week or two.

Finally we also used a huge pile of cardboard that I had collected and a pile of free mulch to extend the area of lawn that has been sheet mulched on the nature strip. We managed to get to the edge of our property and will need to start collecting boxes again.

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