Sunday, August 30, 2015

Garden Island Wave Energy

Off the coast of Western Australia, only a few kilometres from our home, three big buoys floating beneath the ocean's surface looking like giant jellyfish  are tethered to the seafloor. The steel machines, 36 feet wide, are buffeted by the powerful waves of the Indian Ocean.

Operating under water where it is safer from large storms and invisible from the shore. CETO technology characteristics include:

• Converts ocean wave energy into zero-emission electricity and desalinated water
• Environmentally friendly, has minimal visual impact and attracts marine life
• Fully-submerged in deep water, away from breaking waves and beachgoers

Wave energy possesses unique characteristics that offer an advantage over other renewables such as wind and solar energy:
  • the inherent reliability and predictability
  • the fact that any variability in wave activity happens gradually and with significant warning, making issues of grid interfacing manageable
  • the proximity of favourable wave energy sites to ultimate end users, thereby minimising transmission issues.  Notably, approximately 60% of the world's population lives within 60 kilometres of a coast.
 It is currently the only grid connected wave power array in operation in the world and the first to produce both clean power and freshwater from the ocean’s waves. This is very exciting and we hope the start of even bigger and  better things to come. For more information, watch the clip and go to the Carnegie Wave Energy link here.

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