Sunday, August 30, 2015

Herb Spiral and Tropical Grove

 I have almost completed the second herb spiral using and expect to complete it later today. Once again I have broken up broken pavers to create a drainage rubble in the bottom as it is built on concrete. Then I have used old newspapers and cardboard and added them torn up in layers before putting  the pea straw on top. I have purchased some herbs and will also get some strawberries and
another lavender for the top, and may add mulch this time once the final layers of brick are on as I have not had worm castings or coffee grounds to add this time.

I am aiming to get it at about the same height as the first herb spiral, but that will of course depend on the pavers available as I am using pavers that have been lifted from the garden to create larger garden beds or gardens. I need to break up broken pavers and slabs to create drainage rubble for the bottom.

 We have also been working on creating a semi-tropical grove in a neglected part of the garden as we have now had success with our banana plant and want to extend that and provide some privacy from the neighbors behind. The image above is of a Timor Black Bamboo, it has edible shoots and a beautiful trunk, it was pot bound and on sale at our local Bunnings, so we divided it and put  it against the side and back fence.

This is the semi- tropical grove at the next stage with a mango, lemongrass, papayas, pineapple top and of course the existing and recently transplanted  bananas. And some chairs to keep the dog out!

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