Thursday, October 15, 2015

Our Grapes and Bananas Today

The bananas are continuing to grow, although the papaya and mango have found the heat difficult so today we have moved some large potted plants next to the to try and create a canopy until they are used to their location.

The grape vines have all begun to shoot and the vine at the front and on the southern fence have a great many bunches of grapes forming. The shade sales have been put back up and are making a huge difference and the grape vine that we moved last year has put on its leaves and new growth on the pool fence facing east, which can be seen here. We are also inundated with  volunteer nasturtiums which we mainly use as a bee attractant, companion plant and mulch.

The vine that is in the front garden can be seen here and is growing back over the wire we put up. It has many small bunches on it which is exciting as we did not get much from it last year. We are going to need a frame of some sort to put under it and support it as it grew very heavy and low last year. It provides not only grapes and shade but valuable mulch when the leaves drop.

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