Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Moving Mulch

We were lucky enough to get a truck full of free mulch from Shayne's Tree Services two weeks ago, as you can see it is a large pile!

 We needed to move over 80 wheelbarrows full of mulch and topped up the banana grove area in the back garden and all of the paths. Then I needed to make multiple trips to recycling bins at the local shopping centre and furniture stores to collect carloads of cardboard. I layered this four boxes thick and then placed the mulch on top.

I left an edge along the verges and driveway as the grass will need to be dug out there and then filled with cardboard and mulch and sloped down so that it does not all spill onto the road, The mounds that are left are to fill these spaces.

After collecting more cardboard and a lot of digging Andy has managed to finish the area on both sides of the driveway and half way along the front garden. It looks great! We will now collect more cardboard and when he is back from work again hopefully the rest of the front verge section will be completed. The final step will be putting wood edges in on the edge between our lawn and the neighbour's lawns. So still a few steps to go but the bulk of it is done and it looks great.

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