Sunday, November 22, 2015

Building Mini Ponds

 Once again we are having really hot weather here in Perth and so I have been thinking about ways to help the wildlife cope. We have six birdbaths which are used by a huge number of birds each day. However this does not help the lizards and frogs so I have been researching micro ponds. The video above is one of the best on this topic and indeed there are a great range of videos showing how this family has transformed their suburban home over the last 6 years. 

I decided to remove the plastic tub that I had water plants in and use this space to create my first mini pond. I needed to line it with broken slabs and pavers and then the pond vinyl that I had purchased. I have used pavers to edge it as well to assist the lizards, but am still trying to work out how to cover more of the plastic.

I guess that the lizards will not mind about that too much as at least they have some water they can access.

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