Sunday, November 22, 2015

Two More Ponds Today

After my small success yesterday with the mini pond I decided to try something on a larger scale and you can see what I achieved this morning in this photo.

We had planted the old fridge in our new semi-tropical section with a Tropical Guava and Lemongrass earlier this year. However  the Peacharine has grown so much this season it was blocking the Tropical Guava so I decided to dig up both plants and move them very early this morning.

I left some dirt in the bottom and made ramps on one end to the side on each to assist wildlife. I noticed that there was only one worm and 4 sweet potatoes in the whole bed so it is going to be much better as a pond than a garden bed.

 I then lined it with the pond liner, although I had to overlap two pieces in the small section and this was not successful so further research is now needed. I used rainwater to fill them both and then placed the plants in that have been sitting in crates for the last 6 months.

I then placed pavers on the edges to provide a basking spot for lizards and make it look better. At the front I have placed some old bamboo screening that I saved from being thrown out. It needs to be trimmed and placed on the side as well but by the time I had done all of this it was getting too hot! I will keep improving it and get some fish when I am sure that the system is set up properly.I have now found a great set of instructions on the Deep Green Permaculture website.

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