Thursday, November 5, 2015

Grape Vine Arch

We have been researching and thinking about the best way to support the grape vine that is in the front garden as it is laden with fruit and the wire was sagging even though the fruit is still tiny at this stage. We found a local supplier of concrete reinforcement sheets  and had three delivered, one for this arch and two will be used in the back garden later.

It took three of us to move the sheets so that nothing was damaged and the shade sail was not torn but as you can see here it looks fantastic.

 We braced it in an arch shape in the driveway and then tied it with rope on the inside to hold it in shape and then moved it into position and attached it to star pickets.

The grape vine is now resting on the top and we are going to espalier the dwarf fruit trees beside it as well so that it has maximum benefits. We are so thrilled with the way it looks and it was much less invasive and time consuming than putting in cement and a timber framework.

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