Sunday, November 22, 2015

Semi- Tropical Grove Update

 The two new ponds that I have created in an old fridge are located in the section that we have been  turning into a semi-tropical grove since August. The cardboard and mulch are doing a great job and we will gradually extend this area. The two bananas that we transplanted in August are doing really well and one has lots of pups. The palm in the pot is protecting a small papaya, which has looked much happier since it has had this shelter from the morning sun. The plastic chair is above another small papaya that I was given by a neighbour and will be left there for this season. The hugelkultur bed is not finished but we thought we may as well try some seeds in it and so far 8 have sprouted.

This shot shows the hugelkultur bed more clearly and the location of a Maqui berry tree which is under the chair closest to the back fence. We have a curry tree leaf plant in a pot shading the Mango tree and that too will stay all summer to protect it. Once they have survived their first summer here they should be fine. The bamboos at the back fence are growing really well and I have now added a passionfruit vine in a bid to provide shade, fruit and privacy. The choko vine on the side fence is also going well and I have moved the tropical guava next to it to do the same.

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