Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Ferrero:Stop Cocoa Slavery

We have purchased Fair Trade items since we learnt about them in 2005, but many people are still not aware of how items like chocolate are produced. This Christmas many people will buy Ferrero chocolates not realizing that more than 2-million children, some of whom have been trafficked and are modern day slaves, are working to produce it. Ferrero is not the only chocolate company to knowingly use these poor children but it is currently the worst offender.

Ferrero is a $10-billion corporation who could make a huge difference to these children if they behaved ethically and responsibly. Then, instead of living as slaves, working many hours in plantations using machetes and toxic chemicals, they could be enjoying their childhood.

 All children should have the opportunity to live in safety and have access to education and food. Sadly that is not the case globally due to war, natural catastrophes etc. Too much chocolate, a luxury consumable, is produced through the blood, sweat and tears of some of the world's  most vulnerable children.  This is something that can and should end. For more information you can click on this link.

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