Thursday, December 22, 2016

Growers Green Markets and Palm Leaf Picnicware

On Sunday we met with friends and family for breakfast at the Growers Green Market in Fremantle. We like to support local producers and this market also supports the South Fremantle Senior High School and their fantastic efforts in growing food and raising native seedlings for bush regeneration projects. Students from this school have planted over 40,000 trees across WA in the past six years and the school was the first ever carbon neutral school in Australia in 2011.  As well the stall holders /performers are wonderful and the food is from all around the world and is absolutely delicious.

Like many families we enjoy going on picnics together so we were thrilled to find a stall  that is selling natural biodegradable kitchenware which will be perfect for such outings. We have already used it once, and washed it up and packed it ready for our next picnic. It will be interesting to see how long we can make it last before we have to add it to our compost pile. The young stall-holder is obviously passionate about helping the environment too and for more information you can click on this link.


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