Monday, December 5, 2016

Gunnedah and Warnbro - Some Crops

Thanks to my wonderful Sister-in Law Deb for sending me a photo of her beetroot crop grown in Gunnedah, NSW. Deb is a fantastic cook as well and has turned her bumper crop into pickles. Luckily for us my husband will be visiting his NSW family soon and will be bringing back a jar for us all in WA.

Meanwhile in our Warnbro garden there are lots of plants starting to produce a crop, here are just a few:-

One of the four grape vines that we use for fruit, shade, privacy, beauty and mulch.

The peacharine tree, we have bagged the ones at the bottom and left the higher fruit for the birds.

One of the three different types of fig trees that we have, all of which are now fruiting. We are so grateful that we have access to a small area of land on which we are able to grow food for ourselves and others.

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