Monday, December 5, 2016

Ring Pull Project Thank You

Thanks to our wonderful niece Liz and her husband Liam who save their ring pulls for the Rotary Prostetic Limb Project. As well their friend Wayne has set up a collection at his workplace, Teys Australia in Beenleigh, and all the workers there are saving them too. When Andy visits his parents next week he will be picking up almost 7 kilos of ring pulls from all of these lovely people.

We will be dropping them all off to the Rotary Victoria Park club, along with any used glasses, stamps, corks and cans that we have collected for the various projects that they are running. These ring pulls will be used to assist people who need prostetic limbs in a long running and very successful project.

We are so fortunate that so many people around the world give service/support to their local and global community by volunteering for organizations such as Rotary and all of the myriad of volunteer run service/charitable organizations that exist today. In doing so they make the world a better place for us all.

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