Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Close Libyan Slave Markets

The fact that in this world where there should be enough for all there are people fleeing starvation, conflict and persecution is appalling and an indictment on those who know better and do not do better. We all know of the tragic losses of lives as desperate people flee across the seas and the abuses of power by governments who do not abide by International Maritime Law and their obligations to rescue those in trouble at sea.

Then to discover that  some of those poor souls are captured and bought and sold as slaves in Libyan slave markets is yet another example of the horrific way that some people exploit the weak and vulnerable for their own ends. That governments stand by and let this happen, that people feel that it is okay to own a person, is horrifying and this should not be allowed to happen. If you would also like to act to close the Libyan Slave Markets you can click on this link.

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