Saturday, June 3, 2017

Save Marawi's Children/People

All around the world innocent people, including children, are being hurt, fleeing, starving, dying. To think that some people cause this suffering deliberately is absolutely sickening. In the besieged Philippine city of Marawi volunteers are risking their own lives, modeling themselves on the White Helmets of Syria to help those who are trapped. To learn more about their efforts you can click on this link.

There are many people and organizations working hard to save the people and children of Marawi, including Save the Children. If you would also like to help you can click on this link.

And sadly, the people of the Philippines  are also dealing with the dead and injured at the Manila entertainment complex as well. Once again ordinary, innocent people, going about their daily lives, have been targeted and are dying and suffering as a result of others. It is terrible that there are those who commit such atrocities and  those who provide the weapons which make it so easy to cause such carnage and destroy people's lives in moments.

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