Monday, June 21, 2010

Upload Monday 21st June 2010

Yesterday we traveled out into the countryside to visit the property of a colleague who is growing Jujube/Chinese Date trees. There are not many growers of these trees yet in Australia, but they are described as being perfect for our conditions. We had a lovely time learning about the trees and also got lots of tips on pruning deciduous trees and had a very relaxing walk around the property. Above is a picture of fungus nestled in the fallen leaves in the bushland area.

The Pomegranate Tree has also now been planted, and soon we will plant the Jujube and Persimmon Trees that we bought yesterday. These tress will be grown in quite a small space, hopefully will provide fruit and summer shade, but will be kept compact so that they stay manageable.

We are now also extending the front No Dig garden and using sand from the tree holes and recycled pavers, there will be a central path to make access easier. You can see the Perpetual Spinach, Dwarf Kale, Japanese Turnips, Carrots and Capsicums to the right. In the back ground are the Pineapple Fejoas, and a very small Almond tree,  which one day will be a hedge.

In the front of this garden you can also see the volunteer Rocket plants, we love volunteers.

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