Monday, December 24, 2012

Today in our Garden

 We have now replanted, manured, weeded and mulched most of the main front garden. Here you can also see one of the three bird baths and the mulberry tree in the background.
 We have trimmed back the basil and thyme and pulled out the spent tomato plants and planted beetroot, capsicum, coriander, lettuce and chillies.
 We have left in some of the spinach and rainbow chard and here you can see cucumbers, one of the compost bins,  and the grape vine growing up the trunk.
 We have two compost bins and three bird baths in the front garden, here you can also see the tomato bush we have not cleared out yet, growing with a volunteer pumpkin vine, in front of the pomegranate tree.
 This is the lamb's ear ground cover plant which is growing below one of our fig trees.
 Here is the food hedge at the front, and the row of trees in the nature strip, an olive, fig and loquat.

 There is also an almond tree amongst the fejoas.
 Hers is the yarrow plant that we have growing under the loquat tree, it is supposed to assist any plant that it grows near to.
 We now have three types of fig tree, two in pots and this one in the ground.
And whilst we have not yet feverfew flowers for their medicinal properties they certainly look lovely in this vase with the lily.

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