Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Second Hugelkultur Bed

We have had to place new fencing in the front yard to screen out an angry dog and so then had a whole pile of tree cuttings to find a new home for. So we decided that we may as well start another Hugelkultur bed and run it along part of the lawn in the back yard. First we placed down cardboard onto the lawn.

We then placed branches on top and then some of the mulch that we had piled up. We will plant seeds into this as well and hope that it does as well as the first bed.

Meanwhile, the new fencing has meant that the area under the nearby trees is perfect for a hammock and a chair. We get to see lots of birds and the angry dog has stopped attacking the fence as she can no longer see us. This was definitely a case of a problem being a solution waiting to happen.

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