Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Third Grape Arbor

We have had tremendous growth on our original grape vine this year and have had to prop up the piece of wire that we had used across the paved area. We had already decided that this would be a better area for food production and have moved the table and chairs into another area. Here is the next framework in place ready for the third grape arbor.

This will be the garden behind the arbor which was where we have had the table and chairs for many years. We have lifted the pavers and will use them as walls and fill the are with mulch to start with.

Here is the finished arbor with the grapes carefully placed into the wire wherever possible.

Grape arbor

This is the latest grape arbor from the opposite direction and I have now started de-paving the area underneath and mulching.  This should assist the plants in this area by reducing the heat load and increasing the water that reaches the soil. As well when the leaves fall they will fall onto mulch and enrich the soil and we will not have to sweep them up - win/win.This should also help reduce the heat-load on the house which after a 42 degree day today is a really good goal to keep aiming for as we try to avoid using the air-conditioner whenever we possibly can.

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